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"I lost 6 inches of
belly fat & 35 lbs.
I look and feel
20 years younger!"

Mike David - Before

Mike David - After

"I’m 51 years old. In just 6 months of using Andro400 I have lost 35 lbs. and went from a size 38 to a size 32 waistline. I have more energy and look and feel 20 years younger! My wife even says that I have to use your product. Thank you Andro400 for my brand new healthy lifestyle!"
-- Michael David, Seattle, WA

From 280 to 218 lbs!

"I have been on Andro400 since early August, 2014. I have lost 62 pounds and have gone from size 46 waist to size 40. I started at 280 pounds and have gotten down to 218 as of today. I am soon to be 77 years old and still work in my business six days a week. I get exercise from my business but have not done anything out of the ordinary as far as exercise is concerned."
-- Dick Hoyne, Wauconda, IL

Lost 50 lbs. & 8 in. Off Waistline!

I was a size 38 waist and I was so unhappy. I hated it – it was not me! Now with Andro400, I've lost 50 lbs., and went from a size 38 waist to an unbelievable 30! I am 56 years old, and feel like I am 25 again! My wife and daughter were in disbelief when I put on my tux I wore when I got married 30 years ago! Exercise used to be a chore -- now I have the energy to jog, exercise and play sports. I'm so happy now!
-- David Ryan, Milford, Ontario, Canada

Visceral Fat Is Gone – Now Has an 8-Pack!

I've reached my goal . . . I have a flat stomach! Andro400 has been so good to me,  I can almost do a commercial. I have an 8-pack, I don't have a 6-pack. I really love the product. It's been great to me. I didn't get it for weight loss, but it's the visceral fat in my stomach I could never get rid of. And now, the visceral fat is gone!
--Spencer Stevens, Oakland, CA

Deputy Sheriff lost 51 lbs., same pant size as in high school!

“I'm a deputy sheriff, and I've been in law enforcement for 25 years. I've used a lot of products trying to stay in shape, and the only one I've had great results with has been Andro400. I started taking it about 3 months ago, and within two weeks, I found that I was losing weight in places it was hard to get it off like the stomach area. Since then I have lost 51 pounds -- down to 179 from 230. I've gone from a snug 36 inch pant size to 32 inches-- which is what I wore high school! All my friends and coworkers ask what I'm doing to lose the weight and I tell them Andro400. It's the best product I've ever used in 25 years in law enforcement to stay in shape!
-- Tim Forehand, Geneva, AL

Lost 74 lbs. in 4 Months, No Longer Needs Meds

"I'm 61 years old and after 4 months of using Andro400, I lost 74 lbs. I feel happier, healthier, and more energetic, and I no longer have to take high blood pressure medication. My wife, my friends, even my doctor has commented on how great I look. I haven't changed my diet, I haven't changed anything – I just started taking Andro400.”
-- Jeff Paulin, Black Canyon, AZ

Lost 6 in of Belly Fat; “Its a Life Changer for Me”

I'm a truck driver and spend about 13 hours a night in my truck. Out of boredom, all I did is eat fast food. That was before Andro400 – ever since then my life has changed. I started out weighing 341 pounds – since then I've lost 84 pounds! There's no cravings – I actually don't think about food anymore. One thing Andro400 said on the radio ad is it attacks belly fat – well let me tell you it did – I've lost 6 inches! I'm sleeping better. My knee pain went away. I had back issues and that went away, and I can only attribute that to Andro400. I'm so proud of my look now. This product is a life changer for me!
-- Chris Walls, St, Genieve, MO

Jim Asher - Before

Jim Asher - After

Lost 30 lbs. Gained Energy and Confidence

"I've been taking Andro400 for about a year now. I've lost a little over 30 lbs. I have more energy. The biggest thing is just feeling better about myself – a lot more confidence. I'm 54 now and I'm feeling about as good about myself as I ever have!"
-- Jim Asher, Parker, CO

Winning the Belly Fat Battle

I've lost 30 pounds since I started taking it. I'm 62 so I was getting a  paunch around my stomach and it was just getting tough - - no matter what I did, it didn't seem like I was winning the battle. I had gone on a bit of a diet, and took off a couple pounds​. Then with​ Andro400, I've already had to buy 2 new sets of clothes​!
-- Michael Breault, Norfolk, VA

Losing Belly, Finally Able to Break 180 lbs.

I'm having great results. Everybody is seeing a difference. Just going out with my wife, we hear people say, “You look good! Did you lose weight? What are you taking?” Everyone's curious. I'm 59 and no matter what I just couldn't get rid of the belly. Now I'm bringing my belt down a couple of notches! I couldn't break 180 lbs. for nothing . . . now it's 175 lbs. and going from there.”
-- Joe deMauro, Holbrook, NY

I Lost 35 Pounds, Feels Amazing

“I have been taking your product for about 3 months and I feel amazing! Lost 35 pounds, no aches or pains, and a new zest for life. Thank you!”
-- Calvin Garland, LV, NV

Lost 2 inches off Waist, 13 lbs. Without Dieting!

“I’m a retired firefighter going on 65 and noticed I was getting soft and bigger in the belly even though I do regular exercise (jogging 3-4 miles 4 to 5 times a week). Since using Andro400, I’ve lost 2 inches off my waist and 13 pounds. I did not diet, ate what I normally do (here in Vegas, lots of buffets).”
-- John Susko, Las Vegas, NV

60 lbs. of Fat… GONE!!

“I have started my third bottle and the results have been outstanding. It has been a great adjunct to my weight loss program giving me absolutely NO appetite at all. I have lost almost 60 pounds in a little over 2 months! THANKS!”
-- Victor Sobolewski, Waukeskha,WI


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