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Stressed Out? Andro400 Can Help

Did you know that stress blocks testosterone?

That’s right, the more stressed you are, the less you'll experience the benefits of higher testosterone, such as: a flat stomach, plenty of energy, strong, toned muscles, and a healthy sex life. (2)

If you are stressed, your stress hormones may be out of balance.

The Stress-Hormone Cortisol blocks Testosterone!

The hormone cortisol is released when your body responds to stress. And research shows that cortisol actually blocks testosterone production!

When cortisol levels stay high, testosterone levels are suppressed. But when cortisol levels are reversed, testosterone levels can go back to normal. (2)

Active Ingredient in Andro400 Can Lower Stress

New research shows that the active ingredient in Andro400 (E. Longifolia), improves the stress hormone profile and improves mood in both men and women. (3)

In fact, the active ingredient in Andro400 helped reduce tension, decrease anger and irritability, and contributed to a calm state of mind. In addition, it led to clearer thinking and less “brain fog” that can occur as a result of being overly stressed. (3)

Andro400 may be able to help you balance your stress hormones, too, so you can fully experience the benefits of natural testosterone, including a better mood, clearer thinking, and a better quality of life.

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About Andro400

Since 2004, Andro400 has been the leader among natural testosterone boosters with a proven track record of successfully helping tens of thousands of customers increase their testosterone safely without side effects. Andro400 contains only the most highly researched and time-tested ingredients proven to naturally increase T levels. Enjoyed by men (and women) of all ages and results are backed by the industry's leading Satisfaction Guarantee. For more information about Andro400, please visit www.Andro400.com or call 877-711-3173.


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