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Testosterone: A Wonder for Your Heart!

Boosting testosterone has become the treatment of choice for middle-aged men looking for more energy, muscle, and sex drive. But now it is becoming clear that testosterone therapy may stop hearts from failing and also bring other health benefits says top heart doctor Dr. Chauncey Crandall. (1)

Cardiovascular Dr. Reports ...

“I’ve known about the benefits of testosterone on heart health for years,” said Dr. Crandall, director of the preventive cardiology program at the world-renowned Palm Beach Cardiovascular Clinic. “I’ve run heart transplant programs, and we’ve found in patients that if their testosterone level was low we could supplement it, and their hearts would improve. Now this finding is being supported with many studies.”

700% Less Likely to Have a Heart Attack

Over 40,000 patients with congestive heart failure observed at 40 treatment centers across the U.S. showed that boosting testosterone improved their ability to walk and increased skeletal strength and muscle endurance. Men receiving testosterone therapy were also seven times less likely to suffer a heart attack and nine times less likely have a stroke than those with low testosterone. (2, 3)

Reverse Symptoms of 'Male Menopause'?

“As we doctors get older, we are looking at testosterone differently. We know that after the age of 50, men go through a period known as ‘male menopause.’ Their weight increases, they don’t think as clearly, and the muscle mass changes. We also know that heart disease increases as well, so we are also finding that testosterone has a beneficial effect in all these ways, and in reducing the risk of heart disease as well.”


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